Welcome to Perl Critic

Perlcritic.org is a website with focus on the PERL language and other types of scripting and programming languages.

What is PERL

Perl is short for Practical Extraction and Reporting Language, and is basically an interpreted programming language.
Perl can be used for quite a lot of things and it comes with a huge amount of premade libraries and resources. It’s one of the most popular software languages on the Internet today since it can be used for so many different things.

Where can you get Perl?

Most webhosts and servers running some variant of Linux already come with Perl installed by default. If you are setting up your own Linux system and want to take advantages perl you can goto their official website and click on the download link there. Then find the version that match your OS and download the binary package for it, upload it to your own server and install it.

Who created Perl?

Practical Extraction and Reporting Language was created around 1987 by Larry Wall and was ment to be a general purpose unix scripting programming language aimed at making some of Larry’s work more simple. It has sense then improved and grown quite a bit and is now one of the most used scripting languages on the Internet. The latest version today is Perl 6.

How can I tell if it’s installed?

It’s actually quite simple to see if you got perl installed on your Linux system. Simple open a command prompt on your computer or server and type the command perl -v which will show you the perl version installed if it’s installed, otherwise this command will return an error and you will need to download and install it.

Where to find Perl libraries?

There are a lot of premade perl libraries and modules for you to use and this is also one of the main reasons who so many like PERL as you don’t have to write everything from scratch as most tasks you can think of have already been implemented in a module or library. A good place to start searching for Perl libraries and modules would be on CPAN – the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network – goto CPAN here

What is Perl::Critic

Perl::Critic is a static code analysis system, based on the PPI parsing library, that you can use with the Perl scripting language. It is available as a source-code distribution on the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network CPAN. The commandline tool – perlcritic can check various Perl source code files and give you a report on the code quality and let you choose from a bunch of policies to check the different Perl programming styles.