9 ideas how to combine your clothes in the summer

We all love summer! And summer loves us! With its many colors, high temperatures, sun and sea it gives us the opportunity to wear our favorite season clothes in all kind of crazy ways. It is because summer is the season where we are free and enjoy every moment, dive in positive emotions and rock at parties. We always think about summer long before it has actually come and this is because it fills us with positivism and we enjoy shopping clothes few months earlier. We thought about all that and decided to present you 9 cool ideas of how to combine your clothes for the summer and look trendy and stylish.

  1. Get rid of any sleeves. Forget about the cardigans, covering your body and choose a cool sleeveless jacket or trench without sleeves that go a little bit below your bottom and are of light textile.


2. Choose a combination of colors and prints, which will give an illusion for few layers at once without this being true. The whole outfit will be far more interesting than one-color variation of the same clothing.

dress for women

3. Clothes from transparent textiles on the top of non-transparent. Also choose materials like lace or chiffon, which will differentiate your outfit and you won’t feel warm.

three fashion girls

4. Kimono as a top coat. This is the easiest way to look chic and in the same time the textile is so light and breathing that you almost don’t feel like having clothes on you. Another option is a leather jacket which goes perfect with denim jeans or jumpsuits. Some of our favourites læderjakker at the moment you can find in Better World Fashion.

Kimono top coat

5. Combination of accessories. Necklace, bracelet and bag going through your body can make your outfit not less interesting even if you are wearing simple clothes like dress or summer trousers.

fashion accessories

6. Give a chance to the playsuits and jumpsuits. They are indeed easy to combine and wear – with a simple t-shirt below or it can be a long summer jumpsuit – one of the most comfortable apparels for the season.

fashion jumpsuits

7. Put an accent on the underwear. Choose a bra with interesting straps and a top with cut out back. This will give a very summer look and will make you look sexy and cool.

fashionable bra

8. If you want a more formal look for the summer, choose an overcoat that is in bright summer colors but still fitting your body. It can be combined with jeans and high heels.

Jacket with jeans and heels

9. Choose clothes, imitating layers. There are a lot of ready to wear dresses and jumpsuits made in a way where they look like two different apparels on you.

layers imitation


To conclude, there are millions of looks for the summer, as the season gives us a lot of freedom to play around with colors and layers. It is you to choose which one looks best on you and show your summer mood, expressing through your outfit.