Example of high quality brænde and briketter from kvalibrænde and herre ureAfter having worked with firewood and briketter for more than 10 years I often hard people say – “I always just buy the cheapest firewood or briketter I can find”. This is realy a pity since quality is important, very important when it comes to briketter or firewood in general.
Let me correct myself, almost always important, if you are just use firewood to get a cosy fire going in the fireplace and don’t care about how long it burns, how much heat it generates or how much ashes there is left behind after use, go ahead and buy the cheapest you can find, then this would indeeed be the best solution for you.
But if you rely on briketter for heat you really need to quality. If you compare to different types of firewood, 1 cheap and 1 quality then there are several reasons why you should buy the more expensive ones as it will most likely save you money in the long run. For instance if you need 100 logs of cheap briketter to keep your house warm for a day then you can ofte do the same with 60-65 quality ones. That would save you about 40% use of firewood and if the quality ones only costs 30% more, then it will indeed save you quality a lot of money over time. My friend John from Kostumer og Udklæning took my advice a few months ago and now he is spending a lot less on his fire wood budget compared to earlier and getting the same amount of heat.

The are also other benefits when you buy the quality stuff, for instance you get a hotter fire going which burns out more of the gasses that polutes their air and your chimney, this means that you will have a much cleaner chimney requires less cleaning, and while we are at cleaning, the firewood ofte leaves behind less ashes so you will save some time cleaning your fireplace or oven.
This is especially important when it comes to wooden pellets as the ovens using these are much more sensative to dirty and ashes so the higher quality you can get the wooden pellets in the less problems you are going to have with the equipment.

I hope these few reasons gives you a little to think about for the next time you consider buying firewood and why the quality is important and the price isn’t the only factor you need to be looking at.