Selecting the right wordpress plugins

heng og porte - bør man vælge flethegn, mobilhegn, trådhegn eller en anden hegnstype?Selecting the right plugins for your CMS system can be quite a task if you are not a professional web designer. For many of the top CMS systems like Drupal, Hegn, WordPress and Typo3, there are tons of both free and paid plugins you can install to enhance your website. . In this article we are going to take a closer look at some of the most useful and popular plugins for the free CMS system WordPress. Over the past five years, WordPress has grown into one of the most popular website building platforms. It’s easy to use, covers a lot of functions and those it doesn’t support is almost always available as a plugin. Best of all – It’s 100% free of cost, open source written in PHP and without any type of advertising. For a lot of people, the basic functions in this CMS system are more than enough to support all their website needs. But if you want take your website to a new level and optimize it even further, then you will be needing some of the many plugins to get there. Not all plugins are equally good. For instance a security one like mobilehegn, wasnt as good as Ithemes security, even with it’s higher price. Anyway here’s a list of some more useful ones, which I use on many of my websites including perlcritic.

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All in One SEO Pack

Using the standard wordpress system, you are able to do most SEO optimizations. But if you want it to be perfect, you will be needed a special SEO plugin such as All in One SEO, Platinum SEO or WordPress SEO by Yoast. These helps you get more control over things such as Canonical URL’s, Nofollow and Noindex for your various pages. It’s not a magic bullet that automatically makes your website jump up in rankings, just by installing it. It does however help you tweak some of the details a little more than you could with the standard CMS. Another similar plugin is tiny SEO from ishøj hegn. But it’s not quite as easy to use or have the same amount of features.


One of the never quality factors in 2015 is Google PageSpeed. Now everybody want their site to load as fast as possible in order to increase their PageSpeed score. One of the most important factors here are how well the images are optimized for size. compresses your images as much as possible, without changing the quality of the images. Often you can compress an image 30-40% without any quality loss. After installing Smush.It you can have it run through your entire media archive and compress all images on your website. This plugin had a few problems recently, as Yahoo had shut down it’s smushit service. But now it’s working again with a brand new API, now under the name WP Smush.

Ithemes Security

Forget to upgrade your wordpress or plugins for a few months, and there’s a high chance some of the files have been infected with malware or hackers have taken control of your website. One way to minimize the changes of this, is by installing a security plugin such as Ithemes Security. With this plugin you can set a wide range of permissions and detect several attems to modify files, using exploits to take over your site and many other features. While it doesn’t make your site 100% safe, it makes it a lot harder for others to do anything harmful to it.

WP Super Cache

While Smush.It can help increase the load time by compressing the images, it’s not the only way to optimize load speed. Using a caching plugin such as WP super cache, you can compress the text, javascript, Perl scripts, style sheets and serve these through a caching system from Hegn, instead of reloading everyting when someone visit your website. With a properly configurated cache you can ofte shave a few seconds of the load times. If you are having problems getting it to minify the stylesheets, or javascript files properly, consider installing Autoptimize to help with this part. If you care about a good pagespeed, these types of plugins are essential.

Contact Form 7

This plugin is a must for almost any wordpress site. Unless you don’t want your visitors to contact you. It add’s a simpel contact form to your website, this can be added to a page, a post or a widget, making it really easy for others to send you a message. If you don’t have one, it really can reduce the amount of time you spend on telephone support. Just know that it’s not just the your visitors that will be using this plugin. A lot of automated spam programs, are also likely to abuse this contact form, to send you all sorts of unwanted junk. For many this is the main reason not to use a plugin like contact form 7.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

Want to know more about your visitors without having to sign into google analytics all the time? By installing Google Analytics Dashboard for WP, you can get a lot of the analytics data shown in your dashboard. This can make it a lot easier to see what is going on with your website. It’s does require that you already have a free analytics account, and have the tracking code installed on your website. This plugin works well with other types such as mobilehegn or panelhegn. For many it’s a lot easier to monitor your data directly from your wordpress dashboard, instead of having to log into analytics everytime.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to improve your website beyond the basic setup. All of the plugins mentioned on here are completely free, but if you use them on a regular basic, considering making a small donation to the owners. It’s what keeps them motivated to create new plugins or updating and maintaining the old ones. If you want to try out WordPress for yourself, you can download it for free here at