learn more about kostumer, udklædning and karneval here at this website kostumerogudklaedning.dkAnother of my hobbies are kostumer as we call them here or costumes in english. Actually costumes isn’t quite the right word as kostumer are more of a special local type of costumes which we use here in Aalborg for events such as the big carnival (aalborg karneval).

Aalborg karneval is a huge party taking place at the end of May (week 21) every year.
It all started back in 1983 and have only since grown bigger and bigger. Now it includes several major events such as the childrens carnival (børnekarneval), Battle of the carnival bands and the main event the regular karneval where people are walking through Aalborg dressed out in kostumer of all kinds.
The childrens carnival is a relativ new event where children are dressed up and walking through a little part of the city to end up in Kildeparken where there are all kinds of activitions like bouncing castles, music, clowns and much more. If you want to master this, you have to learn more about kostumer and udklædning.

Battle of Carnival Bands is an international carnival show where professionel groups from all over the world are competing about becoming “carnival group of the year”. The groups are judges from a parade and a liveshow in kildeparken where they all perform wearing kostumer. It is held on the friday in week 21.

For the regular carnival on the saturday there’s a new theme every year, here in 2014 the theme is trend of time where people are picking their outfits based on things that are related to that theme. Just like it was angels and demons last year.
Each year their crown a local celebrity to be the king or queen of carnival.

I no longer take part in this carnival but my children just love it and think it’s the best event of the year. I prefer to take pictures of the event instead and help them with their kostumer and dresses so that they get the most out of the carnival.

This year I’ll be in german during that time so I won’t even be able to see it which is a pity since it’s really a joy to experience every time.

If you are going, I can recommand the company Kostumer og Idklædning which is the best place to buy cheap costumes of high quality for a pretty low price compared to many other online and local stores. You can see some of their online stuff and learn more here at this website.