example on vinduer such as Dannebrogsvinduer.One of my other hobbies beside programming and computers are windows. Not the operation system from Microsoft but real windows for houses. I used to work at a place called kvali Vinduer where I was in charge of the 2 main series Dannebrogsvinduer and Bondehusvinduer which are a simple type of sidehængte vinduer, which means that it can only open it sideways. You can find examples of that here on this page which is called PTvinduer and is a danish vindue company selling all kinds of vinduer. Check out their showroom to get an idea about what I am talking about.

It wasn’t just a normal factory job as we were always trying to improve the different types of window, finding new ways of building it which would lead to a lower and more competitive price while maintaining the high quelity that made Kvali Vinduer a popular choice. The most exiting part and the one I liked the best was trying to develop a window that you couldn’t easily break into, that means that it wouldn’t possible to remove a few screws in order to take out the glass. Use a crowbar to force open the window or merely breaking the glass. that was 3 challanges we had to find a solution to both for the Dannebrogsvindue and for the Bondehusvindue and at the same time keeping the production price down. I spend almost a year testing different designs and materials until we finally came up with a product that would make it very hard to break into the window. The screws was embedded deep into the window so they couldn’t be removed once placed, this solved the problem of being able to remove the frame and then the glass easily. The second program was a bit harder as we had to somehow reenforce the frame to prevent people from breaking it open by brute force. We could use more wood or a stronger wood to do so but that would increase the price to much. We solved this by installing a small steel line into the window which would give it enough additional strength to withstand a crowbar without adding much to the production cost. The 3. problem was finding a glass type you couldn’t shatter easily. We could of course just use a thicker glass but that would both increase the price and the weight of the window which was something they didn’t want at Kvali Vinduer. Instead we found a type of glass which has a lot of the same properties as the glass you got in the windshield of a car, only a little thicker and with an additional coating on the other layers to make it even stronger.

Even though I am retired and no longer work at Kvali Vinduer, they still call me sometimes asking for advice or for help with some small tasks. I really enjoy this as it gives me a chance to still practice this hobby here but without having it as a full time job.