herre ure or dame ure - ur onlineMost of us men just love watches and I am no exception. I still remember fondly when I got my first digital watch when I was around 8, it showed time on a cool digital display, had it’s own calculator, calender and you could even play a small game on it. I got the watch from my uncle Paul who had a small watch shop called Urebutikken where he sold herre ure and dame ure as he called it. I had the watch for about 5 years before I somehow lost it and it was without doubt my favorite gift and one of the childhood items that i remember most fondly (together with my starwars T-fighter).

A few years ago someone asked me, Erik, why are you still wearing a watch, don’t you have a mobile phone to tell you what time it is? He was of course correct but still had no clue what he was talking about. A watch is so much more than just a timepiece, it’s a piece of accesory that can help you complely your style, help to send a signal to others about what type of person you are and it can look just darn awesome with the right clothes. But of course he still had some point, for the last several years less and less watches was being sold, something my uncle Paul could related to as he had to sell his shop urebutikken due to decreasing sales. Then about 4 years ago people once again started to think it was fashionable to have a watch, but now it wasn’t just a 30$ model, but the more expensive the better.

Here in 2014 we are seeing another boom in watch sales, this is mainly due to the introduction of the so called smartwatches which is a special type of watch that communicate with your mobilephone and let’s you do a lot of the things you could normally do with a phone but from your watch! I personally really like the idea but that could be that I am a programmer and love most types of gadgets. I think that it’s a cool feature that you can check your sms’s on the watch, ask the watch voiced questions and get the answer on the display. For instance you could tell your watch “what date was obama born” and the screen would then display August 4. 1961. Amazing what technology can do.
The only problem I got with these smartwatches is the lack of design, something I normally care alot about when buying a regular watch. None of the smartwatches I have seen so far are very stylish, not the dame ure or the herre ure model or any of the others for that matter.

I know I am not the only one but I am actually look forward to see what Apple dishes out when they finally release their new smartwatch, hopefully it got a design that is beautiful enough for me to actually consider getting such a watch. I still think that watches are the best jewellery for men and this is why a watch should look amazing and not just be a device you use to measure time.
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